Latte Art

The complete guide to creating amazing latte artwork


Course Duration

2 hrs


Grenfell Street, Adelaide CBD


Experience level

No prior experience needed


Certificate of completion

Latte Art Course Overview


Latte Art is the complete guide to creating amazing latte artwork. It’s ideal for qualified baristas, restauranteurs, café owners and home baristas who want to brush up on their skills.  This two-hour course is completely hands-on – you’ll learn all the different pouring techniques needed to create popular latte designs including hearts, rosettas and bears. You’ll be serving great-tasting coffee artworks in no time.

What Latte Art Techniques You’ll Learn


During this course, you’ll have unlimited access to silky frothed milk and coffee to practice and perfect all the different designs.

The course includes

  • Overview of milk texturing and creating the perfect microfoam
  • How pouring speed, height and position impact the design
  • Free pouring techniques including pushing, dragging and wiggling
  • Creating symmetry and contrast in the design
  • Creating artworks with syrups
  • How to create all the popular latte designs including rosettas, hearts, bears and more

Latte Art Certification


Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be issued with a certificate of completion. Plus you’ll be able to quickly and confidently present beautifully designed coffees that add a little extra joy to a client’s coffee experience.

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What Our Students Say

Jacob Marks

can’t find a coffee as perfectly crafted as this one, not even in my home town in Italy. Its flavour is so rich, intense and pure that any other I get elsewhere tastes like bitter water to me. I also love the waitresses and coffee makers, they’re so kind and good-humoured they already lift me up even before the coffee… Also the internet is so darn good and fast, and the seating outside really pleasurable. I just hope they’ll open a more central shop soon!

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