RSA Course Adelaide

Nationally Accredited 

SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible service of alcohol

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Course Duration

Pre- course online reading, followed by 4.5 hrs face-to-face training session




Statement Of Attainment

Our comprehensive RSA Course Adelaide will give you the skills and certification you need to work in the sale or supply of alcohol across Australia.

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What do I learn in RSA Course Adelaide?

  • What is a standard drink?
  • Duty of care and how to serve alcohol responsibly and in a professional manner
  • Assist and advise customers on how to drink responsibly
  • South Australia legislation around responsible service of alcohol
  • Basic alcohol principles
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Signs and stage of intoxication and how to assess erratic drinking patterns and assess alcohol-affected customers
  • Appropriate methods to refuse the service of alcohol

RSA Course Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide provides you with everything you need for your responsible service of alcohol training in Adelaide. We offer highly competitive prices, experienced trainers and convenient locations in CBD. Upon successfully completing your RSA course, you will meet industry and licencing requirements, enabling you to work in licenced premises.

What is RSA training?

RSA – more formally referred to as Responsible Service of Alcohol – is a standard that focuses on providing alcohol to members of the public safely and responsibly. In our RSA Course Adelaide, you’ll learn about duty of care, which is ensuring steps are taken to encourage drinking in a manner that doesn’t endanger or disrespect staff and other customers.

You’ll also learn about the South Australian government legislation relevant to serving alcohol and how these regulations affect you and your employer, as well as how to identify intoxication in patrons and what to do when you feel you might need to stop serving alcohol to a customer.

The government’s goal for implementing an RSA training standard is to prevent alcohol abuse and excess drinking culture by promoting more responsible alternatives. If you’re working in Australia at any job involving service with alcohol (including bartenders, catering workers, airline personnel or waiters), you must have formal RSA training.

The RSA Course Adelaide is officially known as SITHFAB025, Provide responsible service of alcohol – and is nationally recognised. The training can only be provided by a registered Australian RTO and is designed on a state-by-state basis – working with the specific alcohol regulations within state and territory legislation. Barista Course Adelaide’s RSA Course operates within South Australia’s legislative requirements.

Regardless of government regulations around it, the core principle of RSA is duty of care – understanding that managers and staff are responsible for preventing reckless consumption wherever possible and discouraging drunken behaviour. As part of this, the course provides training on how to tell if someone has consumed too much, what a “Standard Drink” means (and why that’s important), and how to refuse alcohol service politely and professionally.

Do I need an RSA to work on licensed premises?

If you’re involved in any way with the sale or provision of alcohol, then it is a must for you to have completed an RSA course. This requirement applies to food and beverage attendants, security staff working at licenced premises, cellar door staff and sales representatives for an alcohol supplier. Each of these people has the responsibility of providing alcoholic beverages responsibly and safely.

While some states and territories have different regulations around grace periods for certification, if you’re working in the liquor industry within South Australia, you must have successfully completed an RSA course and received your responsible service of alcohol certificate before commencing employment.

Which RSA course should I do?

Currently, there is one standard accredited course accepted nationally, and it’s the SITHFAB025 Provide responsible service for alcohol. If you see any alcohol service course (particularly a cheap introductory course) that does not carry this code, then it’s not a nationally recognised Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate course.

How old do I have to be to do an RSA?

You must be at least 17 years old to complete your RSA in South Australia, however you must be 18 years of age to serve or supply alcohol.

Will my RSA expire?

According to current legislation, your RSA will not expire in South Australia, however RSA certification requirements can differ in other states and territories.

Can you complete an RSA online?

Yes online RSA course is approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and The Government of South Australia – Consumer and Business Services.

Are international students eligible?

Yes! This course is available to all domestic students and visa holding international students.

How long does an RSA course take?

At Barista Course Adelaide, we offer RSA courses tailored to the regulations for South Australia. The course operates as a one-off, in-person seminar with a 4.5 hour duration. We’ll equip you with all you need to serve alcoholic beverages in a professional context – and on top of that, our prices are very competitive.