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Nationally Accredited 

SITHFAB025 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee
SITXFSA005 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

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Course Duration

5.5 Hrs – Barista Skills Workshop & Online




Statement Of Attainment

Barista Course Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide’s (STC) expert trainers are real coffee enthusiasts. Because we know the Adelaide coffee industry inside and out, we can help you find your place in it. So take your passion for coffee to the next level with our professional barista training in Adelaide.

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Complete Barista Training Adelaide – Pro Barista Course 

Pro Barista – Complete Barista Training is an all in one intensive course that gives you all the food safety and barista skills to become a fully qualified barista. Specifically, we’ll take you through the essentials of food hygiene followed by the science, art and techniques needed to create amazing coffee.

Coffee Craft

First, we’ll cover how to set up a workstation. Then you’ll learn how to select and grind beans. Next, we show you exactly how to tamp coffee to make the perfect cup of coffee. Working with the sort of commercial equipment you will find in the workplace, you’ll go on to adjust the machine to extract the perfect coffee flavour. Finally, you’ll learn how to pour and present beautiful coffees. Together with food hygiene knowledge, our training will give you the practical coffee skills that the hospitality industry is looking for.

What You’ll Learn in our Barista Training Adelaide

Our barista training gives you the coffee knowledge and practical hands-on experience you’ll need to launch your barista career. That’s why we deliberately keep our classes small to guarantee all our clients a fully immersive training experience. So the result is that you’ll get to practise and experiment with all the different elements of coffee grinders and espresso coffee machines. What’s more, you get to do this in an open and friendly learning environment. The following details some of the course content:

Food Safety, including:
  • Hygiene essentials
  • Safe food handling procedures
  • How to identify food hazards & unsafe practices
  • How to prevent food contamination and cross-contamination
Coffee Making Organisation in a Busy Café Environment, specifically:
  • How to organise & prepare a workstation for fast and efficient workflow in the busiest cafes
  • Understanding and selecting coffee beans, blends and roasts
  • Storage of coffee beans
  • Placement and location of coffee making equipment & accessories
Coffee Machine Operations, particularly:
  • How to operate a grinder and enhance flavours by adjusting grinds and dosing
  • The art & science of espresso extraction including the selection of filters, tampers, dosing, brew ratios and the crema
  • Quality control and how to adjust flavour, taste and intensity to create the best coffee around
  • Steaming and texturing different types of milk to create the perfect microfoam
  • How to make a complete menu of espresso-based beverages including cafe latte, flat whites, long blacks, espresso, cappuccino, piccolo latte, mocha and ristretto.
Serving, Pouring & Presentation of Coffee:
  • How to help and advise customers on coffee selections
  • Cupping and presentation standards
  • Milk pouring techniques including pushing, dragging and wiggling
Cleaning & Maintaining a Commercial Espresso Machine:
  • General cleaning techniques including purging the steam wand and flushing the head
  • Troubleshooting common faults
  • General maintenance
  • Machine calibration

Pro Barista Training Certification

Successful completion of the course makes you a qualified barista. We then provide you with your Statement of Attainment for each of the following nationally accredited modules through your student portal.

SITHFAB025 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee
SITXFSA005 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

Plus the following bonuses

  • How To Become A Pro Barista – Reference book covering all the essentials you learnt in the training along with pro hints, tips and advice.
  • Barista Kickstart kit – Containing a barista resume template along with sample cover letters to help you land a job you’ll love