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Leading Barista Training Provider

Barista Course Adelaide is part of Skills Training College, which is a privately owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO #45654 | CRICOS #03884A). We provide nationally accredited training in a range of areas.
We specialise in barista and hospitality training courses. Our trainers are experienced qualified professionals who can assist you with developing industry ready skills as a Barista. We use modern industry equipment, so you can confidently apply your job-ready skills.

Our aim is to provide quality training at a competitive price so that you can advance your career.

About Our Barista Company

The Best Barista Courses in Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide was established to offer all-in-one barista training solutions for students and café owners across Adelaide.  To begin with, we’ll tell you upfront what you’ll learn so you know you’re making the right choice. Besides that, our expert trainers will give you all the skills you need to prepare and serve amazing coffee.

Professional Training

Our trainers are among the best in Adelaide.  That’s because they are both experienced industry professionals and real ‘people persons’ who really know how to connect with clients to bring out their best.  What’s more, our class sizes are small so you get one-on-one care and attention.

Passionate About Hands-On Learning

As well as priding ourselves on creating an open and friendly learning environment, we are simply passionate about coffee.  To that end, our experienced barista trainers will expertly guide you through all the hands-on training and give you plenty of time to practise your new skills.

Intensive Courses, Great Value

We offer complete training packages.  For instance, our Barista Pro course is 5-hour intensive course that gives you all the food safety and coffee skills you need. We aim to get you up and running as quickly as possible, so we offer everything you need in just the one course.  So, you’ll save time and get amazing value for money too!

Quality & Integrity

Quality and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.  In fact, our nationally accredited courses are regulated by the government and we are a registered training provider – an RTO. Consequently, we’re dedicated to delivering top quality training that will equip you will all the skills and knowledge you need to work as a barista. So you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience along with unlimited access to milk and coffee so you can practice your skills.

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Meet Our Barista Trainers 

At Barista Course Adelaide, we take pride in having a talented and dedicated team of coffee experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with our students. From brewing techniques to latte art, our instructors have a wealth of experience and skills to impart. Get to know our team below!

Barista Trainer Julie


Barista, Barista Trainer, Experienced Owner and Manager Of Several Cafes (10+ Years Experience) 

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, the Julie is an expert in training staff to meet the demands of sophisticated customers. Julie have a successful history of training thousands of staff members to their own rigorous standards and can help new hospitality workers do the same with the help of the Barista Course Adelaide. With experience as an owner and manager in starting new cafes and turning them into successful businesses, Julie have a thorough understanding of every aspect of hospitality and a passion for teaching it to others. Through their work with the Barista Course Adelaide, Julie have helped countless individuals build their skills and confidence for a new career in hospitality, ranging from professionals seeking a change to university students.

Skills: Drawing on experience from managing and training staff, Personal experience filling in shifts as a barista and waitress, Ability to teach students polished customer service based on hands-on experience



Barista, Part Time Roaster, (12+ Years Experience) 

Peter is originally from New South Wales but moved to the Riverland of South Australia during their teenage years where he started working in the horticultural industry. Peter eventually settled in Adelaide, where he discovered his love for coffee arts and started working as a barista at their church. This sideline eventually led to a career as a professional barista trainer, where Peter have been helping students, whether it be for hobby or a new career, go from their first nervous cup of espresso to confident baristas. Peter finds great satisfaction in seeing students leave with new skills and a smile on their face. When not brewing coffee, Peter enjoy taking walks in nature and watching YouTube videos on a variety of topics.

Skills:  Love for teaching students the full breadth of cafe menu, Focus on giving students appreciation for every item on the menu, Dedication to perfecting latte art


Barista Trainer Peter
Barista Trainer Matt


Barista, Part Time Roaster (15+ Years Experience) 

Matt is an expert in cocktails, having worked as a bartender and barista in various locations across Australia and Europe. Now back in his hometown of Sydney, Matt is passing on his knowledge to the next generation of hospitality workers through the Barista Course Adelaide. With ten years of experience making drinks in cafes, cocktail bars, and more, he is only a seasoned barista, but also a skilled mixologist. Matt love the hospitality industry for the ability to make people’s days better, whether it’s through a perfect cup of coffee or a celebratory cocktail. He bring this positive atmosphere to his classes, making the learning experience enjoyable for his students. In his free time, Matt enjoy spending time with his French Bulldogs, Daisy and Coco.

Skills: Specializes in making Long Island iced tea, Skilled in making a range of classic cocktails, Knowledgeable in coffee making, including latte art designs, Passionate about pushing the boundaries with new coffee and cocktail ideas



Barista, Part Time Roaster, (12+ Years Experience) 

Lauren moved to Australia from Leicester when She was 10 years old and have been working in various retail and customer service roles since she was 14, where she gained experience in making coffee for clients. Lauren have since transitioned to working as a professional barista and barista trainer, having worked in the coffee retail industry for many years. She still do shifts at a coffee shop to keep my skills sharp. She is passionate about people and enjoy meeting new faces and helping them learn new skills. She love helping students explore a new passion, whether they’re starting fresh in a new country, changing careers, or simply want to be the master coffee maker among their friends and family. Her goal is to help people discover a passion for great coffee and reach their goals.

Skills:  Expertise in making cappuccino with a focus on creating the perfect dome of foam, Proficient in making other cafe menu beverages, Strong people skills and enjoys engaging with students, Committed to making training fun and interesting


Barista Trainers ()
barista course adelaide Trainer


Barista, Barista Trainer,(5+ Years) 

Jess started her career in the hotel industry as a room attendant, working in housekeeping and making hotel rooms as tidy as possible for guests. However, Jess was more passionate about coffee, so Jess retrained as a barista and eventually became known for making the best coffee in Adelaide. Jess now teach others how to make great coffee as a trainer at Barista Course Adelaide and enjoys both making coffee and sharing their knowledge with others. When Jess is not working, she spend quality time with their daughter.

Skills: Ability to make all types of coffee: flat whites, cappuccinos, and espressos, Perfect balance and ratios in coffee preparation, Extreme attention to detail and fussy about coffee quality, Instills perfectionism into students through teaching