Hospitality Plus Bundle

Nationally Accredited 

  • SITHFAB005 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible services of alcohol
  • SITHGAM022 – Provide responsible gambling services


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Course Duration

15.5 HR – Over 3 days




Statement Of Attainment

Hospitality Plus Bundle

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RSA RSG and Barista Course

Save money with this bundled training package

If you’re keen to gain employment in the hospitality sector, RSA / RSG / Barista course Adelaide package will see you walk away with a trio of qualifications for the liquor industry and gambling industries, and with the skills to be a competent barista.

Barista Course Adelaide, a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO), conducts our courses in a range of convenient locations in Adelaide.

Book these three qualifications as a bundle today and save a packet on your training courses.

  • SITHFAB005 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible services of alcohol
  • SITHGAM022 – Provide responsible gambling services

RSA | RSG | Barista Course Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide commits to delivering quality training that our students find both educational and enjoyable. 

Your responsible service of alcohol training, responsible gambling services training and barista training will serve you well when you’re seeking employment across the hospitality sector. Bars, clubs, casinos, pubs, restaurants, cafes and even airlines are all looking for people with these certificates, today.

Sign up today and Barista Course Adelaide will provide you with the theory and practical skills needed to jump right into work.

We like to make things easy for you at Barista Course Adelaide. Our combined training course package means you can save some serious cash when compared to booking each course separately. 

We offer in-person training in a range of convenient Adelaide locations. Online training is also an option for some of the course content.

Our professional instructors will train you in the necessary South Australian legislation and all the best practices of RSA / RSG training and Barista work. They might even impart a secret or two to help you rise above the crowd.

Your training will be tailored to the specific regulations in South Australia.

Following successful completion of your bundled Barista / RSA / RSG course Adelaide, you will receive a same-day statement of attainment for each unit, which means you can start applying for jobs right away.

What is RSA training?

Responsible service of alcohol training (RSA) is a national qualification that outlines standards for service and supply of alcohol. It focuses on responsible, safe and legal service, as defined by South Australian regulations.

In your RSA Course Adelaide, you’ll learn about the critical nature of Duty of Care: a legal obligation that requires you to adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any work that could potentially cause harm to others.

You’ll also learn about standard drinks, what drinking responsibly looks like, how to identify problem situations and how to refuse the service of alcohol, and much more.

Any employer in the liquor industry will have to obtain acceptable proof from you that you have undertaken the qualification as part of their licensing requirements. That’s your statement of attainment, which you’ll receive on the same day you complete your training.

The official name and code for RSA is SITHFAB021 Provide responsible service of alcohol. This training can only be provided by an RTO like Barista Course Adelaide.

What is RSG training?

RSG, or Provide responsible gambling services, is what you need to work within the gambling industry in Australia. The exceptions are New South Wales, where the mandatory certification is called Undertake responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) and Western Australia, which does not require an official qualification (although it is still recommended).

Barista Course Adelaide’s RSG course will provide you with everything you need to provide responsible service of gambling to patrons in an establishment. You’ll also learn discreet and professional ways to help customers who need assistance with their gambling problems and self-exclusion, as well as how to follow responsible gambling policies according to South Australian legislation. 

Gambling laws can be pretty strict, especially in some states. Getting an RSG / RCG certificate is the easiest way to show you’re ready for employment in the sector. It’s a good idea to get this certification even if you’re just planning to work in a bar. If they have pokies at the venue, you might be required to do small tasks related to gambling such as service in the gaming room or witnessing payouts, both of which you will require an RSG to do. 

What is Barista Training?

Barista training at Barista Course Adelaide teaches you all you need to become a highly proficient barista. You’ll be able to create coffee that looks and tastes amazing while understanding the ins and outs of espresso machines, different types of coffee orders, milk frothing techniques, making your presentation stand out and more.

Our Barista training also gives you an in-depth look at the foundations of coffee, from beans to the cup, as well as the all-important food safety and food hygiene best practices.

You’ll finish your course with us course feeling confident that you know to handle yourself among the world of coffee fanatics out there.

Our espresso machines are modern and some of the more common ones you will encounter in your career as a barista, so you will be able to make tasty, professional coffee anywhere without any trouble. You’ll be able to present the perfect cup after studying with Barista Course Adelaide.

As an added bonus, when you book your training with us, you’ll also receive:

  • How To Become A Pro Barista – A reference book covering all your barista training as well as pro hints, advice and tips.
  • Barista kickstart kit – Containing a resume template along with cover letter examples to help you get the job
Do I need RSG Certificate?

The various state governments have different regulations surrounding responsible gambling services training.

In South Australia, an RSG is mandatory if you wish to work in any venue that offers gambling on the premises (including poker machines). However, you have six months from commencing employment to access your certification. In South Australia, RSG online is acceptable, as are RSG certificates from classroom training. You will receive your statement of attainment upon successful completion of the government-approved training.

For further information on responsible gambling services and providing gambling services in the hospitality industry in South Australia, visit the South Australian government website.

Do I need an RSA to work at licensed premises?

Absolutely. While some states and territories have different regulations around grace periods for certification, if you’re working in the liquor industry within South Australia, you must have successfully completed an RSA course and received your responsible service of alcohol certificate before commencing employment.

Does RSA / RSG expire?

Each state and territory has different laws around RSA / RSG certificate expiration. 

Under current South Australian legislation, your RSA and RSG do not have an expiry date. These courses meet the guidelines required by your RSA / RSG in South Australia.

Can I complete an RSA / RSG / Barista course online?

RSA / RSG training can be done as online training. (Please note, if you are wishing to work in a state other than South Australia, you should check that they accept online certification first, as not all states do).

Barista training is a highly practical course that needs to be done in-person.

Are there any entry requirements for the RSA / RSG and Barista courses?

Students will need to have literacy and numeracy skills at a level that means they can read and understand safety documents, product sheets, equipment manuals, drinks recipes, understand liquid measurements and deal with payouts.

(SITXFSA005, Use hygienic practices for food safety is actually a prerequisite for SITHFAB025 Prepare and serve espresso coffee, so SITXFSA005 will need to be done first.)

Can overseas students study with Barista Course Adelaide?

Yes, as long as they are here on a student visa.

How long does the RSA / RSG / Barista course Adelaide take?

The Barista Course is an intensive 5-hour face-to-face training and assessment with some pre-learning. 

The RSA course comes with some pre-course online reading, followed by a 4.5-hour in-person training session. There is also an online course available.

The RSG course comprises some prior online reading and a quiz in your own time, followed by a six-hour in-person training session, with all learning materials provided. There is also online training available.