Hospitality Gaming Bundle

Nationally Accredited 

  • SITHFAB021 Provide responsible service of alcohol
  • SITHGAM022 – Provide Responsible Gambling Services


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10.5 HR – Over 2 days




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Hospitality Gaming Bundle

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Our bundled RSA / RSG Course Package Adelaide will give you the certification you need to work in the gambling and alcohol industries in South Australia.

RSA / RSG Course Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide is a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO). In addition to barista training, we deliver RSA – Provide responsible service of alcohol and RSG – Provide responsible gambling services courses in Adelaide. We offer competitive prices, up-to-the-minute knowledge, experienced trainers,  and convenient locations. We also offer online training with the full online RSA Course Adelaide and RSG Course Adelaide delivered to you on a time and day that suits.

With our bundle and save package, you can get both your RSG and RSA certifications at a discounted rate.

Upon completing the training requirements for your RSG Course Adelaide and RSA Course Adelaide, you will understand the principles behind the responsible service of alcohol and gaming, have a working knowledge of liquor and gaming regulations for South Australia, and you will meet industry and licencing requirements to work within the gaming and liquor industries.

The official SITHFAB021, Provide responsible service of alcohol and SITHGAM022, Provide responsible gambling services training may only be delivered by registered training organisations such as Barista Course Adelaide.

What do I learn in RSA Course Adelaide?

  • What is a standard drink, what are appropriate limits and how to serve standard drinks
  • Duty of care and how to serve alcohol responsibly and in a professional manner
  • Assist and advise customers on how to drink responsibly and identify their physical state when assessing intoxication
  • South Australian legislation around the responsible service of alcohol
  • Basic alcohol principles and properties
  • Effective conflict resolution skills and how to take appropriate action in a conflict situation
  • Signs and stage of intoxication and how to assess erratic drinking patterns and assess alcohol-affected customers
  • Appropriate methods for refusing service of alcohol


What do I learn in RSG Course Adelaide?

    • Provide responsible services in gambling
    • Respond to indicators of problem gambling as per industry requirements
    • Follow responsible gambling service procedures according to state legislation and industry and organisational policy and codes of conduct and uphold professional standards
    • Maintain accurate records of gambling-related incidents and associated staff action according to industry and corporate policy
    • Display information related to responsible gambling in appropriate places according to industry, organisational and legislative requirements, and where appropriate point out the legislation to customers
    • Deal discreetly with customers identifying problems with gambling or requesting self-exclusion.
Should I get an RSA and an RSG?

If you plan to work in an establishment that sells and supplies alcohol or offers gambling on the premises, you will need certification. In most Australian states, including South Australia, the Provide responsible service of gambling (RSG) certificate is required for working with gambling, and the Provide responsible alcohol service (RSA) is necessary when working in the sale and supply of liquor. 

This training package will provide the understanding and skills needed for providing responsible gambling and alcohol service to consumers. You’ll also learn how to provide information to customers who require assistance with their gambling and drinking concerns.

Getting an RSA and RSG certificate together will almost certainly assist when it comes to getting employed in the hospitality industry, where alcohol service and gambling laws can be pretty strict. Gaming managers and Venue managers are always on the lookout for staff who already have already completed their RSA course and RSG course. These training certificates are required for anyone involved in the sale or supply of alcohol, including but not limited to gaming managers, gaming employees, and any venue staff involved in servicing gambling patrons at a venue. 

Both the responsible gambling services and responsible service of alcohol training can be conducted as online training.

Why do I need an RSA / RSG Certificate?

There are various regulations surrounding the responsible service of gambling training in all states of Australia. In South Australia, an RSG is mandatory if you wish to work in any venue that offers gambling on the premises (including poker machines). You can access your certification through online training or classroom-based training. Upon successful completion of your training, you will receive a statement of attainment for both courses.

For further information on responsible gambling services and providing gambling services in the hospitality industry in South Australia, visit the South Australian government website.

Are my RSA / RSG certificates transferable between States in Australia?

The RSA training certificate you will receive upon successful completion of the course is nationally recognised and can be used across the country.

The RSG training and certification on offer with Barista Course Adelaide is transferable between all states and territories except for New South Wales, which requires a Provide responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) certificate. In Western Australia, no accredited training is needed to work in gambling. It may help to investigate the website of the relevant state or territory Australian government department where you wish to undertake your in-person or online courses, as each state or territory legislation can be quite different.

Which RSA / RSG course should I do?

Currently, there are two accredited courses accepted throughout South Australia, and they are the SITHFAB021, Provide responsible service of alcohol and SITHGAM022, Provide responsible gambling services. If you see any alcohol or gaming services course (particularly a cheap introductory course) that does not carry these codes, then it’s not a recognised gambling or alcohol training certificate course.

You should receive your training certificate as soon as you have successfully completed the training. All state and territory legislation requires that licenced or gaming venues obtain acceptable proof of training on how to serve alcohol responsibly and assist customers with gambling problems, except for Western Australia which does not have any organisational or house requirements around gambling certificates.

Will my RSA / RSG expire?

According to current South Australian legislation, neither your RSA nor RSG training certificate will expire once obtained. Different states have different requirements with regards to maintaining your certification, however.

Is there any difference in content between the bundled courses and the individual courses?


Bundling just helps you to save some cash. It’s exactly the same RSA RSG course Adelaide that you would get if you did the courses individually.

Can you complete an RSA / RSG online?

Yes, you can conduct your RSA / RSG training package online with Barista Course Adelaide. Please note that online RSG certification is only currently accepted in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Why should I choose Barista Course Adelaide for my training?

Barista Course Adelaide is a registered training organisation that has long specialised in delivering training for the hospitality sector both in-person and online. Our courses are designed to be informative, flexible and fun!

What is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Statement of Attainment?

A VET Statement of Attainment is given to a person who has satisfied the requirements of a unit or modules on a course. These can only be issued by registered training organisations such as Barista Course Adelaide. You’ll get your statement of attainment from us on the same day you finish the course.

Are overseas students (on a student visa) eligible?

It sure is! This training is available to all Australian and overseas participants who are on a student visa.

How long does a combined RSA / RSG course take?

At Barista Course Adelaide, we offer RSA and RSG training courses tailored to the regulations for South Australia. 

We’ll equip you with all you need to provide responsible, professional gambling services to the public, and responsible service of alcohol. And as an added bonus, our prices are very competitive.