SITXFSA005 Barista Course

An Introduction To Coffee

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Course Duration

3 HR




Certificate Of Attendance

SITXFSA005 Barista Course Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide (STC) guides you through the process of making fantastic barista coffee. We know that you need to train on a commercial machine so that’s what we have. So come to us for good prices and the professional training you need to break into the hospitality industry.

SITXFSA005 Course Training

Barista Basics – An Introduction To Coffee, is a perfect course for home baristas who just want to know how to make amazing coffee. It’s also a good way to start your career in a cafe.  Barista Course Adelaide teaches all the basics of maintaining and using an espresso coffee machine and grinder. What’s more, you’ll learn in a relaxed environment with a small group. That allows you plenty of access to the all-important equipment. Naturally, we’ll provide loads of milk and coffee. All of this means that you’ll come away from the course with all the skills you need to make a great cup of coffee that will really impress your friends or customers.

What You’ll Learn In SITXFSA005 Course

Our trainers are experienced baristas and coffee enthusiasts who know how to make learning about coffee fun.  While there is some theory to learn, most of the course is a hands-on experience.  So you’ll pick up the barista basics you need to master the art of serving perfect coffee by actually making it. 

The course includes

  • How to froth and texture various types of milk using a steam wand
  • Understanding the espresso coffee machine & its parts
  • How to make all espresso-based beverages
  • Operating a coffee grinder
  • How to improve flavour by using the espresso extractor
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the espresso machine 
  • Coffee bean storage & selection

Barista Certificate

Once you’ve done the course you will receive a certificate of completion.  If you are required to do Nationally Recognised Training for your job as a barista, then the nationally recognised Barista Pro- Complete Barista Training Course is a better option for you.

Our Coffee Course

As well as our Barista course, we offer training in latte art. That’s because if you want customers to keep coming back, not only should their cup of coffee taste good, it should look professional. Our emphasis on practical training will give you the edge when it comes to looking for work because the first thing any cafe manager will ask you to do is make a cup of coffee. That’s exactly what we teach you to do.

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