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Nationally Accredited 

  • SITHFAB025 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • SITXFSA005 – Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible services of alcohol


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9.5 HR – Over 2 days




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Hospitality Starter Bundle

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RSA and Barista Course

Our combined RSA Course Adelaide + Barista course Adelaide will give you the skills, know-how and certification you need to work in the sale or supply of alcohol across Australia as well as make coffee like an absolute pro.

RSA / Barista Course Adelaide

Barista Course Adelaide will give you everything you need for your responsible service of alcohol training and barista training in Adelaide. We make your RSA training and Barista training a breeze with our convenient locations, online course, study options, same-day certificate, trainers with real-world experience and competitive pricing.

Upon successful completion of your combined Barista / RSA course Adelaide, you will have everything you need to work in licenced premises and serve incredible coffee.

These are government-approved and nationally recognised training courses, so you can be confident that you are getting top training from a registered training organisation (RTO). You will leave our courses with a range of in-demand skills and knowledge for just $319.

What do I learn in RSA Course Adelaide?

  • What is a standard drink?
  • How to serve alcohol responsibly and in a professional manner
  • Advise customers how to drink responsibly
  • South Australia legislation that relates to the responsible service of alcohol
  • Basic alcohol properties
  • Identify customers and promptly identify situations that may be breaching house requirements
  • Effective conflict resolution skills
  • Signs and stage of intoxication
  • Adhering to legal requirements and house policy
  • How to assess alcohol-affected customers and take appropriate action
  • How to recognise erratic drinking patterns and customer’s physical state
  • How to keep legal records
  • Appropriate methods to refuse the service of alcohol

What do I learn in Barista training Adelaide?

  • The best and most hygienic practices for food safety
  • Reporting requirements for the industry
  • Selecting the right beans, roasts and blends
  • Operating the grinder
  • Using all the coffee equipment
  • Assist customers with their orders and provide accurate information about the products
  • Frothing milk with a steam wand
  • Presentation standards
  • Fixing common machine faults
  • How to make different types of coffee
What is RSA training?

RSA – more formally referred to as Responsible Service of Alcohol – is a national standard that focuses on serving and supplying alcohol safely and legally, dependent on state and territory legislation. In your RSA Course Adelaide, you’ll learn about the importance of duty of care, which is a legal obligation imposed on an individual, requiring you to adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others.

This course covers all the South Australian government regulations that relate to the provision of alcohol. You’ll also learn appropriate limits, the early warning signs of intoxication, and what to do when it is time to stop serving someone.

You must have formal RSA training in order to work in any licenced environment, including airlines. The venue you work in will be required to obtain acceptable proof that you have undergone the course as part of their licensing requirements. The purpose of this standard is to reduce the harms caused by excess alcohol consumption and to help reduce the liability of licenced premises when it comes to their patrons.

The RSA Course Adelaide is officially known as SITHFAB021, Provide responsible service of alcohol, and is recognised nationally. Registered training organisations (RTOs) like Barista Course Adelaide are the only type of business that can provide training in this area that is accredited. 

Our RSA Course Adelaide is tailored to South Australia’s legislation.

What is Barista Training?

Barista Course Adelaide gives you everything you need to become a confident, qualified barista. You’ll learn the essentials of food hygiene and best practices as well as the techniques to create coffee that tastes and looks amazing. 

Our Barista Course Adelaide offers a foundation understanding of all things coffee. This course will cover the history of coffee, as well as bean processing and roasting and blending techniques.

We have the most up-to-date and widely used espresso machines to work with, so you will be able to prepare coffee anywhere without any trouble. The barista course covers all the details of how you can make great coffee, as well as how to present a perfect cup.

When you book with us, you’ll also receive the following for free:

  • How To Become A Pro Barista – A reference book covering all your barista training as well as pro hints, advice and tips.
  • Barista kickstart kit – Containing a resume template along with cover letter examples to help you get the job
Why should I do barista training?

Making coffee is an art these days. If you want to be a barista, some training and education will go a long way. It stands out to employers not only because it shows that you’ve got the skills but also because you are committed enough to take on more responsibility in your job. Having barista training is distinguishing for potential employees as this means they have an interest in continuing their learning or improving themselves professionally.

In addition, if you’re working in any kind of food and beverage services, it’s crucial that you understand the basics of food hygiene, preparation and best practices for service. 

Do I need an RSA to work in licensed premises?

Absolutely. You will need an RSA to work in licenced premises, whether you are working in food and beverage service, security personnel, bottle shop staff and alcohol reps. 

Some states and territories allow grace periods for certification following employment, however, if you’re working in South Australia, you must have successfully completed an RSA course and received your responsible service of alcohol certificate before commencing employment in the liquor industry.

Which RSA / Barista course should I do?

There is one standard accredited course accepted nationally, and it’s the SITHFAB021, Provide responsible service of alcohol. Don’t be tricked into doing a cheap introductory course because it won’t give you the certification that is required. 

The core units in our Barista course are SITHFAB025, Prepare and serve espresso coffee + SITXFSA005, Use hygienic practices for food safety which contain all the skills and know-how you will need to become an excellent barista.

How old do I have to be to do an RSA?

You must be at least 17 years old to complete your RSA in South Australia, but you must be 18 years of age to serve or supply alcohol.

Will my RSA expire?

No, your RSA won’t expire in South Australia, however, RSA certification requirements differ in other states and territories.

Can you complete an RSA / Barista course online?

RSA training can be conducted online. Barista training is a very hands-on course that requires practice with the espresso machines, so it needs to be done face to face.

What can you use Barista Training for?

Our Barista Course is designed for those who want to get a start in the tourism and hospitality industries or want to impress with their coffee-making skills. Our experienced trainers will pass on their secrets so you can serve amazing coffee. It’s a great qualification for nabbing a job in cafes, restaurants and bars.

Are there any entry requirements?

There are no formal requirements to do our Barista training and RSA courses. There are numeracy and literacy requirements, however. For example, students need the ability to:

  • Read safety data sheets (SDS) and read the product instructions for chemicals
  • Ask customers what they would like, understand their responses and offer various options
  • Read instructions for the operation and maintenance of the equipment
  • Write orders out
  • Read recipes for beverages including coffee and cocktails
  • Estimate amounts of milk and adjust doses of coffee
  • Fill out incident reports

Please note: SITXFSA001, Use hygienic practices for food safety is a prerequisite for SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee, so SITXFSA001 must be done first.

Are international students eligible?

Any international students wishing to undertake the training are welcome to do so, provided they have a student visa.

How long does the RSA / Barista course Adelaide take?

The Barista Course Adelaide is an intensive 5-hour face-to-face training and assessment with pre-learning that makes you into a qualified and confident barista. The RSA course comprises pre-course online reading, followed by a 4.5-hour face-to-face training session.