BARISTA: A barista is a person who specialises in making and serving coffee, typically a coffee shop or café

BARTENDER: A bartender is a person who specialises in making and serving predominantly alcoholic drinks, typically at a bar or nightclub

    Barista And Bartender: What Are The Differences


    • A barista is a professional who specialises in making and serving coffee, typically at a coffee shop or café 
    • Barista are responsible for preparing and serving a wide variety of coffee-based drinks
    • Coffee – based drinks include espresso, cappuccino, latte, and Americano
    • A barista can be as young as fourteen in Australia
    • Barista make sure that the coffee beans are fresh, grind them, and ensure that the equipment is well maintained
    • Baristas must have a good knowledge of different types of coffee, as well as the skills to grind, brew, and pour it


    • A bartender is a professional who specialises in making and serving drinks with an alcoholic content, typically in a dedicated venue, restaurant, bar, or in a nightclub
    • Bartenders are responsible for creating a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails
    • They serve these drinks to customers, take orders, and handle payments
    • Bartenders must have a good knowledge of different types of drinks, as well as the skills to mix, pour, and serve them
    • Bartenders must know the laws in their country surrounding the age of consumption
    • In Australia, the legal age for drinking alcohol is eighteen. In America, an eighteen-year-old can be a bartender who serves alcohol, but they cannot legally consume it outside of the home until they are twenty-one

    When it comes to the world of food and beverage service, the terms “bartender” and “barista” are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two very different roles and vocations.

      How To Operate As A Barista As Well As A Bartender?

      While both barista and bartenders serve drinks, the drinks they serve, and the skills required to make them are different.

      To work in Australia as a bartender, you must have completed and gained certification in the Responsible Service Of Alcohol and, in most cases, the additional Responsible Service Of Gaming.

      In Australia, the responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and responsible service of gambling (RSG) are important regulations that aim to promote the responsible and safe consumption of alcohol and gambling.

      RSA training is mandatory for anyone working in a licensed venue that serves alcohol, and RSG training is mandatory for anyone working in a venue that offers gambling services.

      The training covers topics such as identifying and refusing service to intoxicated patrons and understanding the laws and regulations related to the sale and service of alcohol and gambling

      Requirements and regulations for RSA and RSG vary by state and territory in Australia.

      Both barista and bartender are important members of the food and beverage service team, and each plays a vital role in providing customers with a memorable experience. They can be found working side by side in some venues and restaurants.

      It is certainly possible to be trained and certified in both roles. Having the flexibility to undertake both roles would certainly be an advantageous asset on your resume and a benefit to any employer.

      It should be noted that Australia is the most officious and certification-regulated country in the world when it comes to employment. If you can gain your certification with a Registered Training Organisation in Australia, you can typically work anywhere in the world with your certifications and skills.

      However, that does not work in reverse for people coming to Australia on a work visa who might be bar managers or bartenders in their home country.

      Without the RSA and RSG ticket/s, even with years of experience, they are not legally permitted to work in a licenced Australian venue selling alcohol or gaming products and services.

      Skills Training College provides courses for both, to gain certification in the barista industry and bartenders needing their RSA and RSG tickets.

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