What Exactly Is A Barista?

Barista is the fancy Italian word originally meaning ‘Bartender’ who serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like expresso. Today, there is a global trend to isolate the word, specifically using the term to identify the person who makes us coffee in our local coffee shop. A master Barista has a signature coffee style, and they frequently create coffee art from coffee beans imported from around the world for their unique characteristics and blending abilities. Skills that only come from coffee training and experience working an expresso machine with finely tuned precision so as not to burn the beans or overheat the milk.

Baristas prepare, make, and serve coffee-based drinks made fresh from the whole bean. They usually work in coffeehouses, cafes, and restaurants; however, with the coffee industry booming globally, they can pop up anywhere, and that includes mobile, purpose-made vans to your workplace or sporting venue. If you have ever visited the markets on the weekend, you will have seen them hard at work on their espresso machine, ensuring the coffee is prepared just so, and the milk is at the perfect temperature. Usually a good barista should posses a good sense of creativity, memory and the ability to maintain relationships with customers. Baristas combine their love of all things coffee in a high demand and fast-paced customer service role that sees them earning their money!

How Do I Become A Qualified Barista In Australia?

To become a Barista, you don’t legally require any formal qualifications or prior experience. In most cases, Baristas will develop their skills and knowledge on the job while working in the hospitality industry. You may start out working as a server in a café where you learn from the head Barista and then build on that knowledge with experience over time. However, in today’s hyper-driven world, employers are seeking to employ people who already have the skills and knowledge needed to walk in, turn on the machine and get to work.

The rise in the number of Barista jobs is directly related to the increase in the number of coffee houses and espresso bars that are popping up everywhere to cash in on the rush to get out daily coffee fix!

That is where we come in. Skills Training College offers nationally recognised Barista courses that start with Barista Basics for $149, including a bonus mandatory hygiene unit.

We also have combined package deals that give her national accreditation and certification in (RSA) Responsible Service of Alcohol, and (RSG) Responsible Service of Gaming, both certificates you will require in addition to your Barista course if you wish to undertake employment anywhere that serves alcohol or has gaming machines.

15.5 hours of your time and $499 will give you all three qualifications and put you ahead of other job candidates who only have a Barista ticket. Check out our course details and prices using the link to discover the perfect course to meet your needs.

Journey becoming a Coffee expert

Is It Espresso Or Expresso?

Which is the correct spelling of the word: Espresso or Expresso?

Taking one of our nationally accredited Barista courses will answer that question for you and plenty more you might have amassed over the years when it comes to all things coffee!

“Espresso” is the original word from the Italian language, specifically for the namesake beverage. However, “Expresso” shows enough use in English to be entered into the many dictionaries of our generation and is not disqualified by the lack of an x in its Italian etymon. As such, both are acceptable spellings of the same beverage, but a true Barista will know it by its Italian roots and spelling. The derivation of the original to include the X appears to be based around the quick service of the coffee to go, therefore has become an “expresso” to the common man.

Do All Students Need A USI Number To Register With Your RTO?

Yes. All students undertaking a nationally recognised training course provided by a Registered Training Organisation are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Where Do I Go To Get My USI Number?

For more details on USI, and how to create a USI, please visit the official USI Australian government website or simply click the link https://www.usi.gov.au/your-usi/create-usi

Can Skills Training Come To My Workplace & Train Staff Onsite?

Of course, we can! We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and location. Let us help you get the best out of your employees, all the while turning them into “Ab Fab”, much loved Barista masters your clients can’t buy enough coffee from. What better way to increase your profits than to have repeat business that spreads by word of mouth … and when it comes to a fabulous coffee, word gets out fast who has the Midas touch and who does not!

We offer a nationally recognised statement of attainment and certification as a Barista when you successfully complete your training with us. Where possible, it is delivered directly to your inbox on the same day you qualify!